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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Whomping Willows Proudly Present:

Photobucket1. Wizard Party Forever!!!
2. Fall In Love Tonight
3. Courting A Ghost
4. Party All Night
5. Sometimes I Feel Ugly
6. A Little Bit Of Rock n' Roll
7. Did You Ever Think (To Fight For The Environment)?
8. Wizard Babies: The Next Generation
9. Hogwarts Is Boring Without You
10. When The Lights Go Out

Holy crap, it's a brand new Whomping Willows record! Breaking from the darkness and complexity of Demons at the Helm, Wizard Party Forever!!! is exactly what its title implies: a post-Voldemort party album! Party anthems abound from start to finish; big guitars and soaring melodies are driven along by relentless drums (played by Jarrod Perkins of Gred and Forge), resulting in the wizard rock equivalent of Weezer circa 1996. Is this the best Whomping Willows record ever? If you're in the mood for a party, then probably! Wizard Party Forever!!! is available NOW! CDs ship within two to three weeks of order.
US and Canada ($11)

International ($14)


Demons at the Helm
(2009) featuring A Conversation With My Demons, Don't Let Me Explode, and A Brief Repose, and guest appearances by members of Gred and Forge, The Moaning Myrtles, Draco and the Malfoys, RiddleTM, and Ministry of Magic.

US and Canada ($10):

International ($13):

Songs For Professors (2009) The new EP featuring WTF Hagrid?, Ode to Professor Sprout, and Professor Lockhart? More Like Professor Lacks Heart! LOL!

US and Canada ($6):

International ($8):

Welcome to the House of Awesome, III, and my self-titled debut album are all temporarily sold out! However, you can purchase all of these albums on iTunes!

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